Staff involved in operational development

Staff is an important resource for Scantarp, and we genuinely want to hear our employees’ views and opinions.

The Finnish units of NHC Group recently gained a set of new values: hard work, smartness, caring and trust. In order for our staff to feel at home with the values and commit to them, employee groups took part in the process of determining their actual content. This is how we landed on the following measures based on the values:

Hard work: We work together diligently and have the right attitude towards work. We do our best every day, because we want to succeed.

Smartness: We have extensive experience and competence, providing us with outstanding prerequisites for development. We are constantly improving our products and processes to benefit our customers and the environment.

Caring: We take responsibility for our environment, customers, work and colleagues. We work together and across borders to build an even better tomorrow.

Trust: We are not afraid of challenges and we keep our word. We are honest and worthy of your trust.

We measure our staff’s work satisfaction through a survey every other year. Based on the survey conducted late last year, we are happy to say that Scantarp employees are largely satisfied and motivated. We want this to continue to be the case and will strive to improve our operations by working with our staff to select the most important development targets to push forward together.

Before the winter break, we organised holiday kick-off event in our yard with small competitions and coffee catering.

  • 09.04.2021