Scantarps environmental goals

Responsibility is a key part of Scantarp’s operations and their development. Each year, we set strategic environmental goals that form the basis for our efforts to develop environmental responsibility in accordance with the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Our environmental goals are as follows:

  • We are actively involved in finding solutions for utilising PVC waste.
  • We work to reduce the amount of production waste generated by our production and primarily recycle the generated waste within our own production process.
  • We strive to use recycled materials in our packaging whenever possible.

We observe the statutory obligations set for our operations and report on them annually to environmental authorities. All the chemicals we use meet the requirements of the European Union’s REACH regulation regarding the health and environmental impacts of chemicals used in industry.

Here you can read more about the ways in which we consider environmental matters in our operations.

  • 31.05.2021